Work with Young Generation
JCS has also begun motivating local youth living in rural areas to actively participate in developing their community. JCS is responding to a wave of disillusionment towards a rural way of life in these young people who seem enamored by urban and western cultures. The rural education system also seems to contribute to their disillusionment by failing to integrate practical learning into the curriculum and by ignoring the link between education and rural development. These external influences conflict with their traditional lifestyles, leading youth to migrate to the cities in search of employment and the urban experience.

In response to this issue, JCS started a youth empowerment and Cadre-building programme that focuses on community participation, targeting students and local youth. Youth groups held regular meetings and organize relevant activities, they also create forums to share their experiences, to formulate ideas, and to develop transferable life skills. This programme established a focus to build community pride and a sense of responsibility among the rural youth.

This programme was organized in three clusters. These youths act as organization’s cadre to spread and promote the concept of PESA Act and mobilize tribals to attend Gaon Sabhas. The idea behind passing this Act was told to them and how it would be effective to establish tribal self-rule. Difference between Gram Sabha and Gaon Sabha was made clear and powers of Gaon Sabha were discussed in detail. Importance of tribal tradition and customs were discussed and it is very necessary to protect them to protect the identity of tribals. Provisions of Employment Guarantee Act and Right to Information Act were also discussed. They were asked to discuss these issues with the villagers to develop their understanding about it.

JCS is looking to further develop this program and leverage the youth in creating more community-based initiatives.