Jan Chetna Sansthan works in collaboration with Ajeevika Bureau to assess the livelihood condition of migrant laborers. We work at the place of destination on increasing their wage rate and also with the middlemen to stop any exploitation in their hands. At the source, we work on skill up-gradation of tribal youth and employ them in nearby area thus curbing the need to migrate among the youth. Till now we have organized two hotel management trainings and the boys are placed in hotels in Mount Abu. In future we are planning to issue identity cards to the tribals and also establish a Shramik Surakhsa Manch to ensure their rights and reduce exploitation in the hands of the employers and middlemen.
Jan Chetna Sansthan and Ajeevika Bureau carried out a study on Child labour and found that majority of children age group 8 to 14 years migrate to Gujrat to work in cotton fields. These children work in adverse conditions and are paid very meager amount. The organization is planning to address this issue by roping in the local government bodies.