Empowering women by their active participation in local governance (Panchayati Raj Institutions) has to an extent helped in developing a more genuine voice of women. However, many of the emerging features of women�s role in Panchayats viz. reservations, in itself, is insufficient as an instrument of empowerment as it distracts attention from deeper structural sources of powerlessness. There is also a need for a more enabling environment, which would allow PRI to become a process for the empowerment of women. There is thus a need to provide women with specific kinds of support which go beyond technical training.
An important effort required for real empowerment of rural women is to bring about attitudinal change in both men and women. Jan Chetna Sansthan realized this and it started working with the elected women PRI members. Firstly, interaction between enlightened rural women and illiterate elected women leaders is encouraged. Secondly, these women are taken out to the urban areas and their interaction with educated urban elected women representatives is arranged. There is increased emphasis on ensuring the participation of women in the meetings of Panchayats at all levels. This is needed to promote and enhance their leadership qualities and self-confidence. It also helps them to perform better in the Panchayats.

Aagaz Academy
Aagaz Academy was started in Udaipur. Elected women representatives from 22 Panchayats in Udaipur, Rajsamand and Sirohi Districts. Jan Chetna Sansthan was one of the partner to initiate the Acedemy. The main objective of this collaboration is to develop leadership and skills among elected women representatives. The Agaz Academy has developed a 21 days training module spread over 3 phases in one year period for the elected women representatives of Panchayats to empower and trained them.
After attending the Aagaz Academy training they become motivated and courageous.
While picking up practical skills like learning to ride a bicycle or learning to use a mobile, by the end of training these women leaders get more knowledge and information that could help them in being effective leaders in their constituencies.

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