JCS is very actively involved in Right to Food Campaign at the national level. This campaign addresses the very basic need of human being; that is Food. Many tribals from Abu Road have participated in the national level seminars and symposiums. Right to Food directly hits the livelihood of the tribal community. In addition to this, for the effective implementation of NREGA using RTI Act, Jan Chetna Sansthan associated itself with Suchna Evam Rozgar Adhikar Abhiyaan. Abhiyaan is planning to organize a ten days padyatra in Dungarpur district of Rajasthan. After the learning�s drawn from Dungarpur, Jan Chetna Sansthan plans to conduct a Social Audit in one of the Panchayats of Abu Road block.

Our organization is also a part of Campaign for Survival and Dignity that works on the forest bill. It prepared the draft bill to be presented in the parliament in the forthcoming monsoon session of the sansad. It has also made Tribal Policy wherein the rights of tribals over forest and other natural resources are dealt with.

At the state level, Jan Chetna Sansthan is a partner of ARAVALI, Jaipur for the SCALE project. SCALE project focuses on the livelihood of villagers, which is directly/indirectly related to agriculture. Our organization receives technical and training support from ARAVALI under SCALE project and this has helped in building the organization�s capacity as a whole. It is also a member of Akaal Sangharsh Samiti. This samiti works on formulating ways and means to bring the rural people out of the clutches of drought thus giving them a helping hand to eke out their living in extreme conditions. JCS works in alliance with Vividha when it comes to issues related to women. Any violence against women or atrocities done is given due attention and handled with the support of Vividha.

At the regional level, Jan Chetna Sansthan is the only organization working on Micro finance in Sirohi District. It is a partner of Samarthak Samiti at the regional level, which works on the marketing of tendupatta and other minor forest produce like honey, gum, lac etc.