Organisational Structure, Culture And Management Style
The Organisation is at the highest level governed by the Executive Board.
The Organisation´┐Żs management style is unique in one sense that it blends professionalism with informal human relations that compliment each other.  The flow of hierarchy consists of directors at the top, under which are the senior management staff or department heads and the field and office staff within each activity.  There is easy access to any staff from top to bottom and the Organisation believes in team work, that is sectoral and operations are independently carried out by functional teams.
JCS has a very special style of management in which sharing and participation of staff is total.  It has three special arrangements.  First, fortnight meeting of all HoDs to review the progress between two such meetings and sharing and taking decisions on important matters.  Second, but most important is the general staff meeting of entire staff from Directors to field animators in which important happenings of the last month are described and all important matters including the approval of funds, sources of funds, new proposals and expenditure are shared with the entire staff at the end of particular period.
The Human Resource Development aspect is given importance in the personnel policies and growth opportunities for every staff member are carefully designed.  Most of the staff recruited from local area, which is a great strength of the Organisation.  Certain senior positions are occupied by qualified staff from outside also. All the staff are given ample opportunities for capacity building and self-development through the constant avenues for in-house and external trainings.
The most important factors that contribute to the excellent performance and ever improving performance and achievements is the motivating force of staff, which they derive from freedom to work, openness in approach, access to the management and above all pride in their visible success in improving the living conditions of Tribal.
Total transparency is observed in terms of implementation and information sharing with all the funding agencies and other concerned on all aspects of the programme and the management. This not only ensures total transparency but also helps in seeking valuable advice from all the important stakeholders.
Accuracy, timeliness and transparency in information sharing and reporting are hallmarks of JCS management and most of the funding agencies find JCS as donor friendly, exceptionally competent and highly reliable NGO with total accountability.