• It is endeavored to make a self- sustainable society with the view to strengthen the local sangthan, is the long- term perspective of Jan Chetna Sansthan (JCS).
  • JCS also have a sense of responsibility to create a movement of people so that under a single umbrella a larger vision could be translated into a reality.
  • To build a network in the entire Rajasthan in general and in south Rajasthan in particular in all common issues and other concerns of the society is another stab of ours.

Way forwards

  • Strengthen campaigns and alliances
  • Ensuring entitlement
  • Social audit and NREGA Samvad
  • Women empowerment
  • Follow up PESA, FRA, various schemes and ACTs.
  • Ensuring Child Rights.
  • Envelopment and participation of PRIs
  • Sushasan Se Swashasan
Jan Chetna Sansthan at the end of the day wishes to have a society where every person is educated, aware about and exert for their rights and live in justice, dignity and freedom and equal opportunities are available for realisation of full human potential.